For whom

Destelheide is the ideal location for a wide range of target groups. We focus in first instance on young people between 18 and 25 but of course other organisations are welcome as well. As are schools, companies and artists...

Youth work

Our comprehensive infrastructure and complete service are customised to youth and youth work groups. During school holidays and in weekends, the centre bursts with activities. Many youth work organisations use Destelheide for training new monitors but our extensive domain is also ideal for members' days, seminars and events.

Silke De Smedt – Co-operator Koning Kevin & VDS

"I regularly come to Destelheide since I am 16. It always feels liking coming home again. Originally, I came as a participant in various courses, among which three years of Summer Academy. Now, I am mainly here as youth work monitor and as a coach for youth theatre 'Larf'. I even had the honour of organising a game for the entire personnel crew of Destelheide."


We also welcome schools from secondary and higher education. From creativity workshops for colleges of advanced education to preparation days for the final art project of art school students: in Destelheide, people can work in all freedom and give their creativity free reign. We are also the perfect location for introduction days, extracurricular activities and work placement preparations.

Filip Dejonckheere – Teacher at the Artevelde College of Advanced Education

"With Artevelde, we make use of the infrastructure in Destelheide for more than 30 years already. The inspiring work rooms for dance and music are fantastic and also the beautiful green environment is an asset. We like to come back here because of the overall concept and the excellent service offered to both small and large groups."

Sociocultural organisations

We are also a warm haven for many educational organisations that are active in sociocultural adult education. They use Destelheide for various courses and workshops.

Jonas Van Esch – Teacher at Mooss

"The pleasant interactions with the members of staff make us immediately feel at home in Destelheide. A friendly chat upon your arrival or an extra cup of coffee, which always tastes better when it is served with a personal touch. It's always a joy to be back here in Destelheide."


Teambuilding, meetings, congresses... Our infrastructure lends itself perfectly to activities of companies, both in full board as for one-day stays.

Nathalie Lobet – Breweries Alken-Maes

“Destelheide offers well equipped infrastructure at affordable prices within a magnificent setting. For our three-monthly sales briefings, representatives from throughout Belgium are invited, which makes the central location of Destelheide near Brussels ideal. Also the hospitable welcome and the high-quality service contribute to a successful activity."


If you are a professional artist or group, you can become an Artist in Residence in Destelheide. We offer you rehearsal accommodation and technical support free of charge; the only thing we ask is that you interact with other groups staying in Destelheide. This is possible through try-outs, open rehearsals or workshops.

Peter Pype – Actor & presenter

"I like to come to Destelheide for the peace and quiet and its great facilities. Secluded in your creative bubble amidst gorgeous nature, but with all the equipment that you need."